My goal is to help people navigate the complexities of non-standard relationship models. Wherever you are in your journey – whether you have been poly for decades, or are just now beginning to explore the idea, whether your relationships are experiencing high levels of stress, or you just want to actively check in and nurture your relationships, I am here to help unwind and detangle the snags that crop up. I am here to help translate and communicate when it feels like voices are not being heard, or when needs are not being met.

Additionally, I offer coaching and support for metamours (partners of partners). Sometimes, the greatest stresses come from fear and lack of communication between metamours. I seek to nurture healthy interactions with all the people involved in a relationship – not just the ones who are directly romantically involved. 


Please note: I am a relationship and dating coach - not a therapist.
The growth and healing that comes with a good therapist can be invaluable, and I cannot recommend it more strongly.

Often, however, it can be difficult to find relationship support that understands and endorses non-standard relationship dynamics.
That is what I am here for. I offer knowledgeable and practical support covering a wide range of alternative relationship models.